Learn How To Use Snapchat Spectacles Easily

Snapchat has been around for a very long time now. It has become an integral part of our lives. Research shows there are around 35 snaps taken on an average phone today. Imagine, there are almost one or two snaps every hour. In such a situation haven’t you ever wondered, “Oh! I should’ve snapped it” but you can’t, you missed the moment. This is why Snap Inc.(Earlier Snapchat inc.) on Yes, there are already interesting names coming up for this.

Snapchat spectacles

What are these?

Snapchat spectacles are nothing but cool shades with a small camera installed around the corner. It’s quite possible that it may remind you of Google glass. But no, that was quite a different tech and snap spectacles are cool enough to wear. Hardly any face-wearable tech has gained humongous popularity, so I would say it’s still very delicate industry to deal with it. Although snap spectacles are very aspiring and, people have already should their love for it.Unfortunately, Snap Inc. Is playing hard-to-get technique to distribute these. That is, you won’t be able to have them easily. (Like any other thing which is few clicks away on the internet.) Snap spectacles are being distributed through snapbot s which is mobile glasses vending machine. Speaking of the most important thing, they are priced at $130 which is approximately ₹9000.

Design and function

Snapchat spectacles are Elton John-esque designs with round camera (115°) which records in a circular frame. So if you see the snap you recorded on your phone it will look same in portrait or landscape mode. There’s a round led light which glows up when you record, just in case people know what you are doing and avoid you from conducting sting operations.

full guide to use snapchat spectales

Using Snapchat spectacles

Let’s assume you are fortunate enough to have them or are about to have your hands on it. Snaptacles can be paired directly to your device having snapchat installed and your snapchat account signed in. You have to have iOS(and above) or Android 4.3(and above) to start using them.

Pairing Snap specs

Firstly, update your Snapchat app to the latest version available on the app store or Google play store.Then – Turn your Bluetooth on. – Open snapchat and open snapcode. – Click the button on snap specs, look at the snapcode and you will see pairing animation. – Wait for a few moments, and you would be able to see an accessories list in which you can name your newly paired specs. – This should make it show in paired devices in Bluetooth.

Snapping with specs

As mentioned earlier, there’s a small, simple button over glasses which will be primarily used for clicking pictures or taking videos. These little cameras are capable of taking videos which are at a maximum 10-sec long. So in case you take 30-second videos, they would be segmented in 3 different snaps.To start recording, press the button once and to stop the press and hold for about 2 seconds.As you start recording led lights to glow up and when about 2 seconds is remaining in your 10-sec limit it blinks

how to use snapchat spectacles

Syncing your snaps

Once your specs are paired with the device, they automatically keep being imported on the device via Bluetooth(Low quality). If you need HD snaps, you need to open your snapchat > specs > click on snap > Get HD. But this feature requires Wi-fi to be enabled; else you would get your pictures in normal quality.

Charging your spectacles

Although this isn’t a rocket science but what’s worth writing about is that there are two ways by which you can charge your snap specs. One directly the specs through the magnetic cable and another through the case of these specs.(Which also needs to be charged by the same magnetic cable). Keep in mind to always use the same cable given with specs to charge them. To make sure you never run out of battery on these specs you can double tap the button and the ring-o-led should glow up showing the tentative amount of battery left in your snap specs. You can also check the accurate battery charge left in them by snapchat app > Click on Ghost > Settings > Spectacles (under my account), and you can see your battery level here. Alternatively, when your specs battery is very low, it led should blink with a red

light. It almost takes an hour and a half to charge these specs entirely, and they could easily take 100-150 snaps on one charge. Well, that’s almost everything you should know about snapchat spectacles and how to use them.

Comment below if you have any question and also let us know your experience with those babies.

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